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President's Message

Date: 01/03/2022
Dear Member,
Greetings and good wishes!

The much eagerly awaited opening of our Gymkhana finally became a reality on 27* of Dec. 2021, when the new classy look Gymkhana was opened for members on that day.

Eventually it was worth the wait, as the stunning ambience, subtle decor and vibrant atmosphere is being very well appreciated by all those who have visited the Gymkhana.

Managing Committee is extremely pleased with the fact despite facing severe constraints, turbulences and unexpected delays due to the Pandemic, the Committee was able to deliver the new bridal look gymkhana to its members, to their utmost satisfaction.

Now, after fulfilling the initial commitment made to you of presenting to you with a state of the art Gymkhana, which is slowly turning into an ICONIC structure, we are now moving towards proving to our members with the promised Preferential Child membership and also offering other amnesty schemes, which includes one time offer for Child/Children Preferential Life Membership at a very nominal, affordable and modest prices.

The details for the Preferential Child Membership and other amnesty schemes are mentioned in this brochure annexed herewith for ready reference.

We have updated our website with the new look gymkhana.

We will also be launching our Mobile App very soon to facilitate data of gymkhana updates, news, payments and other details from time to time

We request you to download the App once it is launched, as it will be of immense use to you to stay connected with the Gymkhana.

Assuring you of our continued efforts in providing you with the best of amenities, facilities and services.

We wish to thank you for your trust, confidence and patience that you have reposed in our Managing Committee.

With warm regards,

Jayyannt Lapsia

One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole Life